Friday, 14 November 2014

Shoebox slides

Sometime back I found a shoebox containing a small collection of slides which my late aunt had taken during her year-long trip to America in 1967/8. I was going to post something about them here at the time but forgot!

The slides are Kodachromes in 126 format - the format of Instamatic cameras. Needless to say that accounts for the quality, or lack of it, and I suspect the slightly off framing in some pictures. A fixed focus lens and an off axis viewfinder in a camera aimed at the happy snapper aren't going to produce pinsharp, perfectly composed photos no matter who is using the camera!

Despite the technical flaws the pictures have that Kodachrome appeal, not to mention a touch of nostalgia and exoticism - some of them work for me as pictures. The first picture in the slideshow is the odd one out, being of my aunt and shot on 35mm film.

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