Saturday, 26 May 2018

Wedding photography

For reasons unknown, and incomprehensible, to me a lot of non-photographer types see you with a DSLR camera and 'big' lenses and suggest that you should start photographing weddings. Unaccountably a lot of amateur photographers see wedding photography as an avenue to make some cash. The only thing I can think of worse than attending a wedding is photographing one! However...

Continuing my trawl through the Dusty Negative Archive I was reminded that back in1981 I had taken my camera to the wedding reception of a friend who had dropped out of college. I don't remember much about the event apart from drinking pints with whisky chasers (although I have always hated whisky), and telling the DJ to, well, 'go away'. Looking back now I wish I'd taken more photos. There was the obligatory photo of the happy bride and two friends, but even back then I wasn't interested in photographing happy smiley people. I'm glad I never took the wedding photographer career path!

 This is more my style. Even with the on-camera flash.

Into volume two of the Dusty Negs and I'm finding more forgotten pictures which are reinforcing my belief that my subject preferences and 'style' developed early on.

And more pictures which show places which have been redeveloped in the intervening years.
Still lots more negs to scan. Hopefully some new pictures to take over the next couple of days too.

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