Sunday, 30 January 2011

Okay, I lied

I was tempted by some geese, and took some photos! Didn't manage to capture the image I had in my mind's eye though. It did make me reconsider ditching the wildlife photography. So I might carry on with it in a focused way. Rather than chasing after this and that I'm planning on sticking to a couple or three projects. Dull subjects that are often ignored - starlings and feral pigeons. Two birds that can be quite approachable. I love pink-footed geese, but they'll be heading north soon. Maybe next winter I'll get the shot I'm after...

Earlier I'd been to the beach and the dunes again where I got a lesson in composition. A figure, or figures, in a shot can help it a lot. Well, I think the second shot works better than the first.

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