Saturday, 21 April 2012

Too little time

I never seem to give myself enough time to look for photographs when I go into town. The parking is limited and expensive so I usually have an hour or less to do what I have to do and take photos. I almost paid for two hours today, but didn't. Looking back I wish I had because as my time was running out I took a few sots that made me think about a different way of picturing people.

The sun was bright and lowering. I was trying to get a shot of some pigeons with someone and their dog standing in the background - combining two of my regular subjects in one picture. By chance some shots had shadows of  in them.

Although the shadows were lengthening they were not distorted, so looked pretty much like silhouettes. In a way they stood for the presence of the people themselves.

I tried to take this further by shooting just the shadows, and by including the person's feet in the frame it made a connection with the person's character, in the way some actors say they build a character from the shoes up. I have photographed feet before.

It took me a while to realise what I was seeing and what I should be doing, by which time I had to leave or risk a parking fine, so the picture below is only a clue to where I wanted to end up. I hope I can get the angle of the sun to coincide with me being in the right place again so I can have a more prolonged attempt at realising the idea.

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