Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Another viewpoint

Realising that I might be getting stale at the sandplant I took a walk ouut along the track the trucks and diggers used to use to reach the sandbank where the sand was dug. This is simply a path of hardcore which stretches out over a kilometre through the salt marsh and into the sand exposed at low tide. Where marsh meets shore are two weathered concrete posts.

My intention had been to photograph the sandplant from the track, but it became apparent that a longer lens would have been better suited in order to make the sandplant larger in relation to the foreground while retaining a sense of context in the landscape. So I gave that idea up and made what I could of the flatness and light.

Back at the sandplant the recent rain had altered it a little, and the with the sun higher in the sky than previous visits the light was different. It being a Sunday there were also more people around. The shot below wasn't planned. I'd been trying to satisfactorily frame a shot of the plant against the water when the dog and woman appeared. Rather than wait until they had passed I took two shots. I'm still undecided if the one below really works.

Having amassed a fair number of photos of the sandplant I thought I'd print them out as a means of sorting them, a mass of prints being easier to judge en masse than files on a screen. With there being some seventy plus I printed them two per 5x7 sheet.

This lead to the inevitable message that the inks were low and the cartridges in need of replacement. A warning I have learned to ignore. Sure enough, despite all the colours being low, I managed to rattle off thirty six sheets without a horrible colour cast being apparent from the lack of one ink. Not only do printer manufacturers rip you off by putting very little ink in their cartridges, they set things up to tell you there is less remaining than there really is.

Having made the prints a quick scan through them gave me ideas of what to do next with the project. Although I'm still unsure of where it's all going.

The latest selection from Sunday below.

See gallery larger.

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