Thursday, 31 January 2013

Link of the day

Stuff on big websites gets shoved off the home page really quickly if it isn't the kind of thing that draws in the masses. So I've made a note of this audio slide show on the BBC site before I forget about it as I never tire of listening to great practitioners talking about their thought processes.

It's been very windy round here the last couple of days, so much so that I was struggling to stay upright, let alone hold the camera steady for this shot yesterday. No doubt if I had been using a DLSR shooting 9 frames a second I'd have got more than one reasonable picture form eight attempts. As it was I had only taken the X10 out with me as I was on my way to the supermarket, taking a detour along the front to see the rare high tide when I saw the spray coming over the sea wall. The breaking spray was unpredictable so I prefocused and kept my finger on the shutter release trying to time each shot. Eight frames was all I could bear to take before getting too cold with the wind-chill!

For interest's sake, here's the picture before processing. All it took was a crop to 3:2 to improve the composition by cutting out wasted space in the foreground, a quick adjustment to the tone curve and clarity plus a graduated filter over the sky. All done to boost the contrast to highlight the spray and the zig-zag lines. I got lucky with the shot having the car where it is (and a harmonious colour) when the spray came up and a couple of gulls in flight. It's almost as if the camera knew I was seriously considering selling it and pulled this one out of the bag to confound me!

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