Sunday, 6 January 2013

Misty morning

Ever since I got my first SLR I've liked taking photographs on misty days. Tones become mutes, the light is soft and even and distant backgrounds get obliterated making for flatter images that are often more graphic - which suits my way of seeing.

Unfortunately the mist burned and blew off before I arrived at the sandplant. A pea souper would have been more suitable for what I had in mind. However, things had altered since my last visit and I managed to make pictures that were different enough to those I've made in past visits. One in particular could be the best I've managed of the sand washing troughs.

I had intended to use the tripod but I didn't see any need for small apertures. I prefer using a  shallower depth of field in the sandplant than I had done in the quarry the other day.

View larger here.

As I headed inland the mist was still quite thick so I took a detour to the lane that winds over the moss. Just as my arrival at the sandplant seemed to cause the mist to rise so it did along the lane. There is a stand of trees that I want to photograph, but they usually get lost amongst the background. Today they stood out against the mist. Until I got the camera out that is. I grabbed a few hasty shots before the moment had gone completely. Oh well.

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