Monday, 4 February 2013


It hadn't been my intention to take any photos today, but after a visit to the bank I made a detour on the way home and stumbled upon a ditch that is in the process of being re-profiled. I had taken the X10 along with me just in case so grabbed a few snaps. The wind was icy and the light fading, so I couldn't do much more.

Back home I played around with a triptych as an exercise in proportion. What this revealed to me was that this sort of thing needs to be planned in advance so that the three images work together. If I'd put the digger on the right and flipped the pipe photograph the eye would have been lead towards the centre frame from both outer pictures instread of wandering from right to left and out. As this was only an experiment it doesn't matter. The format is something that I'm thinking about using seriously at some point. Having to think out something in advance will be another venture out of my comfort zone. Which keeps things interesting.

Rather more successful, but not perfect, was a panoramic shot. I like the way it shows the unworked ditch, a section that's been roughly shaped and the finished job all in one picture. A pity that this sort of thing works much better at larger than screen size. If I didn't hate most things technical I'd be more tempted to use a 'proper' camera to make panoramics from multiple shots. I suppose I could always stick the fisheye on one and chop the middle 'letterbox' out of the pictures!

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