Saturday, 30 March 2013

True or false?

It's always amazed me how the landscape photographs in the how-to-do-it magazines have such amazing skies. Yesterday's sunset was indeed magnificent but my camera saw it as fairly bland. None of the contrast and vibrant colour you see in the prize winning photographs. With nothing to lose I had a fiddle with it. Other than the crop the first picture is exactly what the camera gave me. The second one isn't!

While the second version has gained in some respects, perhaps it's lost in others. The original has a calmness to it which is more in keeping with how it felt as the wind died as the sun set. But I'm sure I know which one would get the most 'likes' if I put them head to head on t'interweb for people to comment on. Maybe those dull day art photographers have got it right after all.

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