Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Changes in cyberspace and a change of format

Seeing as Flickr has altered its layout to a cluttered mosaic of images, and there doesn't appear to be any way to customise it It's all very modern, but there's no space around each image making it hard to consider them individually but in conjunction with others. It's a visual cacophony. Unless things change I think I'll be posting photos to a blog similar to Sandgrounding for the purpose of contemplating a session's pictures in future. This post is a sort of trial to see how it might work.

Tucked away at the end of town the tourists never see unless they are lost is the disused Park and Ride car park. Gates locked, signs faded, one part of it a council depot which seems equally disused judging by the plants growing among the stacked kerbstones and pushing through the tarmac. All in all an ideal place to roam around on a sunny but cold spring evening!

I'd actually set out intending to shoot entirely in black and white and 16:9 format as a challenge,but I got sidetracked. The wide screen format makes for a different way of looking for pictures, and the results have a different feel to them.

This first one was taken in the same spot as the similar colour frame above. yet the relationship between the lamp posts seems different to me as does the way the space is expressed. The width makes me read the picture from one side to the other rather than starting in the centre and working out, so the lamp on the far left is more obvious.

 This second shot reads from left to right in a curve which comes back to the staring point.

 Just to prove the rule, the third picture seems to read from bottom to top! The lines and shadows on the tarmac leading to the centre.

Although a format associated with horizontal screens and moving pictures it is another sort of challenge to make pictures in portrait orientation in the 16:9 format.

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