Wednesday, 12 June 2013

When in doubt

It seems like whenever I get stuck for ideas, or when something doesn't go to plan, I end up at the sandplant. You'd think I'd have seen and done it all there by now, but for some reason it keeps making me find new ways of doing things. Quite why I'd taken three single focal length lenses out rather than one zoom which covered the same range I really don't know. What the shorter of the three lenses have over the zoom is a shorter minimum focusing distance. Not macro close, that would be ridiculous on a wide angle lens, but close. What this gave me was a different perspective - literally - allowing me a different take on the plants-in-context pictures.

The sun was bright when it broke through the rapidly shifting dark clouds. This meant the sky was 'interesting' in certain directions even when the light was soft, and there were saturated colour and dark shadows. With plants sprouting and growing there were new things to see. The ground was dusty and the pools had dried out. Everything is constantly changing.

What made me take the picture above were the rust stain and the red leaf being similar in form. There's a red and green thing going on against a monochromatic ground - almost like selective colour processing. The picture below is all about zig-zagging and horizontal lines, light and shade. Neither could have been made when the pools were filled with water. That's why the place keeps drawing me back.

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