Saturday, 8 March 2014

Pumping it up

Once more the benefit of snapping anything interesting and revisiting places paid off. Just over 12 months ago I took three photos of a bit of a makeshift pumping solution. At the time the drainage theme was floating around in my head with not much form to it, but the idea was there to make pictures relating to it in case they came in handy at some future date.

I hadn't been back there for some time until today when I chanced upon a fancy new pump being installed and made my usual half-arsed attempt at documenting the process. A mid-range zoom would have been useful - but all I had were two fixed focal length lenses. At least I had two bodies with me.

Only this morning I'd made the decision to make more pictures of people doing stuff instead of taking the easy option of photographing 'stuff'. This is far more challenging. Not only do you have to find people doing things you have to engage with them while trying to make pictures which are more than just snapshots. It's far from simple. I think I managed one or two pictures which contain information which explains the situation. The one below shows the forklift up to its front axle - illustrating the sodden nature of the earth requiring drainage.

Like most blokes they installed the pump and fired it up without consulting the manual. Eventually looking at it when no water was going through!

A few more here.

The concept of trying to make individual photographs which aspire to the condition of 'art' seems to be becoming less interesting to me than the idea of sequences or collections of images which tell a story in some way. Where the Lost Balls fit in this I don't know!

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