Thursday, 1 May 2014

Street Photography

Maybe not fitting the usual definition of street photography! My obsession with tarmac and road markings continues as part of the developing parking project which seems to be coalescing, at least in my head. In this instance the head-on, symmetrical, approach seems appropriate to the subject. The more pictures I make the more I see ways to bring the various elements together visually.

As usual my mind wandered while wandering round seeking out parking related viewpoints. The 'big city' has a lot more to look at compared to the smaller market and seaside towns I visit more frequently. It's also the place where I first photographed road markings back in 1978. I think what fascinates me about tarmac and road markings are the textures and abstract shapes which the camera frame makes by isolating sections - which also takes away part of their meaning as instructional devices to road users.

There's also a Pop Art influence in the use of found mass produced imagery. (I'm sure some visual artist somewhere must have used the Highway Code as source material.) The ubiquity of road markings and parking signage is certainly of interest to me - things we see every day and ignore other than to do what they tell us to, failing to see the small variations in the apparently standardised markings which are what interest me.

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