Tuesday, 6 September 2016

No fat lady

Once more the sandplant surprises me. A flying visit, as seems to always be the case, revealed another stage in it's metamorphosis. How this is going to end is anyone's guess. Piles of graded stone looking like land art. I ought to make a return visit with a tripod and get some more detailed pictures. But I probably won't as I have fish to try to catch!

This is about as close as I ever get to landscape photography. I can understand people wanting to make pretty pictures at the golden hour, but they all seem to lack any purpose. If nothing else these pictures of teh sandplant will serve as a record of how it's changed. It's only with age and looking back at photographs I took a long time ago that I've come to appreciate the value that simple record pictures have, and to feel that it could be the best reason for taking any photograph.

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