Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Nostalgia fest

It all started when I wanted to find an old picture of moles on barbed wire which I'd taken back in the dark ages.That meant digging out my negative files and searching through them sheet by sheet. Along the way to the moles I started finding pictures I'd forgotten about and some I'd never printed.

The files start in 1977 and run to 1982. With some later files. What surprised me most is how there was a peak of photographing in 1981. After that most of the pictures are fishing related - to illustrate articles in magazines. Sometime in the mid eighties I switched to slide film for the same reason and to do fishing slide shows.

There's a lot of of dross, of course. Some are failed attempts at something interesting. Others are snap shots of friends being daft, or a friend's dog being a dog. But in there is some good stuff. The influences are pretty obvious. What didn't really surprise me is that in many ways my subjects haven't altered much. There are pictures of sheep, pigeons, 'stuff' making geometric designs. And people. Some of the people pictures surprised me. Technically many of them are poor. Badly developed film, dirty negatives and not perfectly sharp. But they're pictures. Looking at the better examples I wonder if I've got any better at this lark or not!

Although I think I took more time over framing shots, you might imagine to avoid wasting expensive film, I still exposed loads of frames which make me wonder why I bothered. There was plenty of waste. Quite a lot of poor exposures too.
After two and a half hours I got my temperamental film scanner working and put a few frames through. I'm not sure what possessed me to put black borders around the pictures, but I noticed that so doing magically improved them. They looked like 'real' pictures you see in books of forty year old black and white photography! Which has given me the idea of pulling out the best pictures and making one or two A5 zine type books of them. At that size the technical imperfections won't be so noticeable!

Being stuck with current projects this is something I can get on with quite easily. Apart from dealing with the moods of the scanner.

As Lightroom can not only put borders round pictures it can add captions, I'm doing that too. After years of avoiding titling pictures I'm coming to realise that in some instances captions (which are not quite the same thing) have their place.

More of this old tosh to follow....

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