Sunday, 24 March 2013

Pretty pictures

Through a quirk of geography the snow which has fallen recently avoided my neck of the woods. Some fell but was melting as it landed. Yet just seven miles away there were a few inches still lying the day after. Over to the east where the land begins to rise, where the quarry is, there was snow to be seen carpeting the hillsides. It's surprising how little elevation is required for the snow to linger. With an all too rare blue sky and sunshine this afternoon I headed east.

Again I had plans for the quarry. The snowfall meant they came to nought when I tired them out. There were other opportunities though and I changed my approach ending up with more reasonable efforts than I'd first thought, but I don't think any fit the concept of the 'project'. Well maybe one or two. Time will tell.

The square crop above seemed right to me. It removed wasted space in the bottom of the frame which added nothing to the picture which is about the white shapes of snow and cloud. I had to work fast as there was a gale blowing the clouds along. At least in the shelter of the quarry there was no wind chill like there had been yesterday on the beach. I doubt I'd have lasted as long as I did today had there been!

Quite why the X10 got slipped in my bag I don't know, but it proved useful to get the next picture as I was able to hold it above my head and use the hated screen to frame the shot. Being perched on a rock as I was there was no way I could have made that photograph with the 'proper' camera.

Before I put the little camera away I made a couple of photographs of the path winding through the trees with it. Nothing special, it demonstrates the capabilities of the technology. I dialled in a little exposure compensation, but the auto white balance did a decent enough job when left to its own devices. I was pleased to see my nudge of the WB settings on my other cameras seems to have done the trick. At least to my eyes today's results were warmer despite the snow.

If there's some more of this strangely bright light after the snow melts I'll take another trip to the quarry and try to nail those last few images I want.

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