Monday, 31 March 2014

Roll on winter

It must be my naturally miserable nature but I prefer winter time for wandering around the beach and seafront. You'd think that on a warm sunny afternoon with hundreds of people about there'd be lots going on that might make for interesting pictures. To my eyes, if nobody else's, the masses all seem to be doing nothing of interest. Eating, sleeping, wandering aimlessly. My hat's off to those photographers who do find pictures among the thronging hordes. I find people engaged in some activity make for far better picture opportunities. In winter people at the beach are generally there to do something - collect coal, ride horses, kitesurf - rather than idly 'enjoy' themselves.

Again I've been forsaking the viewfinder for the low-level benefits of the rear screen. When my knees worked properly I could have stayed partially squatted to get the camera level with the horse's head. Now I don't have to. Another so-sop picture but the colours work nicely and I don't care if the highlights are blown. It's almost level!

Another low level shot was taken when the shapes of the bowls and the plates attracted me. A bit of a nothing picture but when the girl came into the frame it sort of made a picture. One which I like because, although far less interesting, reminds me of this one.

The day's take away point is: Give up trying to take pictures of people enjoying the seaside in the sun and stick to making pictures of 'stuff' and empty spaces.

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