Saturday, 5 March 2016

Egg sighting

Another Saturday, another pre-Easter egg hunt. Roadside egg sales are a soft target in some ways. But they do require finding. As with so many things photographic it's always wise to strike while the iron is hot. I've driven past a couple of signs thinking it'll be easy to go back any time and photograph them when the light is better. The problem is the hens must have gone off the lay as the signs ave disappeared!

On the positive side I found an honesty box I hadn't noticed before. I parked up and started snapping away when another car pulled in and the chap who got out asked me if there were any eggs in the box. I said I hadn't a clue, I don't eat eggs. He was a bit bemused by what I was up to. Understandably so. Still, he got the dozen eggs that were left.

Being indecisive I'm never sure how best to frame some shots. With signs and honesty boxes the dilemma is whether to show the context or close in on the detail. I think it all depends on the final mode of presentation. There may even be a case for using both. For example one contextual shot serving as a lead in to series or grid of details if the presentation is in book form.

Later the sun broke out and I stopped by the canal to do some more 'conventional' amateur photography. Pretty picture making. I really don't have what it takes for this.

Some gratuitous shallow depth of field.

More (ill-placed) splashes of red.

Slightly postcardy, but less interesting to me than the egg signs. And also not as much going for them as the shots I made in town this morning of the usual nonsense. I guess I just like boring photographs - and traffic cones!

I think it's just as hard to make a good 'boring' picture as it is a good 'interesting' one. Maybe even harder because there are no traditional rules to follow. In fact, if you follow the traditional rules the picture won't be sufficiently boring.

Footnote: I've been shooting in Auto mode again when walking round town. The shame of it!

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