Friday, 28 October 2016


The usual frustrations continue.Given a few hours spare on sunny afternoon I did what I often do. I took a camera to the woods and messed about. But doing the same stuff I often do when lacking ideas. Shooting through leaves into the sun, spinning the camera around.

 Then there was the using the darkness inside the wood to make leaves on branches stand out.

Trying to make pictures of the woods that satisfy me continues to be a frustrating challenge.

To relieve the boredom yesterday I went for an evening walk. It was warmer than it had been all day and dry. It's remarkable how different everywhere looks when the sun sets and artificial light takes over. One of my usual routes through the village was taken and I took quite a lot of photographs. All hand held at silly ISOs (mostly ISO 8000). But it did make me think about doing something similar but using a tripod to get better quality images. Or would that really matter?

It was very much a sketching exercise, which might have given me something to work on between poultry pictures. The idea of photographing phone boxes at night appeals for one thing.

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