Saturday, 5 November 2016

On the home straight?

Thankfully, I was saved from having to act as official photographer at the bantam show today. But this time it felt like I am coming to the end of this part of the project. There weren't many pictures I thought needed  taking again. I did try to get more of people tarting their birds up, and some shots of their 'make-up' kits. Some more of this stuff for variety and choice would be good to have.

This shot would have benefited from a shift to my left and a swing of the camera to the right.

 But when in doubt, shoot straight on to a subject.

Trying to get a clear shot of what is being done with cotton wool buds or nail clippers is difficult. And having to use a slowish shutter speed doesn't help either. So the wider shots have worked out better. When there isn't clutter in the background. But finding the right angle is all part of making decent pictures. An important part too.

What I must make an effort to do in future is photograph the judging. It's the biggest gap in the project, apart from 'at home with my chickens' pictures.

The judges get special treatment and  a table of their own for lunch. The light through the window was irresistible.

Naturally some of the raffle prizes that weren't (literally) chicken feed had a poultry theme.

Some of what I got today should fit into the book to either replace existing pictures or take a place of their own. With one more auction and show this year I hope I'll get what I need to make it all fall into place.

I had another dabble at portraiture. I'm making slow progress. At least I'm getting the backgrounds free of clutter and somewhat out of focus. I need to work on my framing and subject direction.

Gallery here - and soundtrack here!

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