Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Another failed plan

My last visit to the wood gave me an idea to try some close up photography to try and make some 'landscapes in miniature'. The plan (I should have known that having a plan was a bad move) was to use a wide(ish) angle getting in low down and close to mossy stumps and such like. I toyed with the idea of purchasing a new lens for the job, but then considered using a compact camera. Both my compacts have a macro facility which works best at the wider end of the lens's zoom in the case of the one with a zoom lens. If nothing else I'd save some cash trying this approach. Armed with two cameras, a remote release and my Gorillapod I set off in search of Smallscapes.

The fixed lens camera proved to have just a bit too wide an angle of view. At least in combination with the limitations of the Gorrilapod for positioning.

My original intention had been to exclude the background and try to make the scale of the pictures ambiguous. It didn't really work. So I went for broader views. Which also failed to enthuse me.

I also had another go at some fungi shots with it. They proved to be a little better than the last efforts, but still dire. Nothing more than illustrations to my eyes.

I swapped the camera for my fishing compact. A smaller sensor but with a bit of zoom in the macro range of the lens.

The wider view wasn't working for me so I went back to the more cropped framing. I still wasn't getting anywhere that felt like it was working. The fungi pictures were just record shots, the wider views were the sort of thing that might work as illustrations if they'd had some subject matter in the foreground. None of them were particularly interesting. Except perhaps the final one. By the time I took that one the light was going.

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