Sunday, 31 January 2010

Eliminate the obvious

The sun shone as forecast late in the morning so it was out after lunch. First stop a local nature reserve. Too many cars. Off to a not too distant but secluded spot where the overnight snow/hail was making for a notable winterscape. With the sun bright and low it was challenging. A deeply furrowed field, partially thawed back to dark peaty earth with frozen water in the depths, was an obvious subject to point a camera at but rather a cliché. It needed a twist, and a point where a furrow turned provided it.

I could really have done with a wider lens on a couple of occasions. Not much wider but just a bit. You wouldn't think there'd be much waiting around to photograph trees. It's not like they'll fly away. The problem was aerial though. Vapour trails - or should that be con trails? Who gives a toss? They're a pain in a bluebird sky.

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