Monday, 20 June 2011


I've just gone through all my photos from 2010 with the intention of selecting the 'best'. Goodness knows how many there were but I whittled it down to 64. I find putting photos together in book form, even if only virtually, helps me judge them better.  So I did just that with Blurb's publishing software. With all the pictures loaded into a virtual book I was then able to further edit the selection, ending up with 43 shots that I like for various reasons.

Not all the photos I like are great. If I was being completely ruthless there would only be a slack handful of images in the set. Nonetheless the process has been a worthwhile exercise in self-criticism. I even found one photo I had neglected, that hadn't been copied to my 'good photo' folder. Looking back at shots after time has passed is always a good idea, as this is not the first time that has happened to me.

For what a soft back copy costs to have printed, compared to making individual prints, it's not a bad way to collate images to mull over away from the computer screen either. Even if the print quality is not the utmost.

Photos do 'look' different when printed and bound, and when displayed alongside other pictures. I suppose these books can also be a handy way to show people what you are about, photographically, as a sort of portfolio. Although what my photography seems to be about is some sort of unfocused eclecticism!

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