Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Battling the light

When I set out the sun was bright and promising a grand afternoon with a gorgeous sunset. By the time I got where I wanted to go the clouds had rolled in yet again.

As a result my inspiration left me.

I did try to make use of the ultrawide again. A couple of the shapes I managed to make in the frame made sense. The lighting didn't turn them into pictures though.

However, messing about on the computer did reveal what it was that had made me click the shutter.

The overcooked B+W conversion brings out the graphic lines in the composition of the flat colour original above.

Merging the two, and doing some other tweaks, resulted in the final colour version. Still not terrific, but a little truer to what I saw. I might return in different light.

One thing's for sure. The ultrawide made the composition possible.

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