Saturday, 31 March 2012

More processing

It's interesting how different processing interpretations of the same picture alter the mood. This was a 'straight' shot with a 35mm lens. By no means perfect but a shot of a swing bridge (another subject I seem to have photographed a number of times) that would suffice as an entry into The Big Book Of Canal Swing Bridges.

Trying to make something more of it was beyond me today. I just couldn't find the right viewpoint. I have a feeling having something to stand on to elevate my eye level might be what is required. But that seems a bit like cheating! There's something working, but not enough, in the picture below, despite the drama an ultra-wide angle brings to an image. Of course it's easy to overdo the wide angle effect, but in the case of the bridges there isn't much room to work in to fill the frame in an interesting and meaningful way.

There's an 'X' to the composition which is good, but the bridge rails are too close to the horizon and the whole bridge is masking the farm behind making the focal point cluttered.

The design of the bridges certainly seems to suit the graphic qualities of black and white, although in colour the red and white stop signs work in the way Constable included small red items (often a waistcoat) to add vibrancy to his landscapes.

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