Saturday, 14 April 2012

More scans

I've just about finished my scanning-fest and made a stack of quick prints. The majority of the photographs are no more than snaps, but snaps that have become records of a time past and a place that has changed.As I mentioned before, some of those I had never printed at the time, and had subsequently forgotten about, now look reasonable. If nothing else they illustrate that I still have the same sort of vision.

More about how this episode has made me think about photography at a later date. My next task is to sort the prints and put them in albums ready to revisit the locations and rephotograph them as they are today. Not every single photograph, only selected ones from each location. That's the plan for now. In the meantime here are some I think are more than simple records, but actually have something going for them as pictures.

And one from today, not so good, shot digitally.

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