Sunday, 20 December 2015

Return of the Mere

Rumours are flying around that changes to the pumping regime will see pumps closed that drain the low lying land of west Lancashire. Whether thee rumours are what is actually going to happen remains to be seen. One thing is for sure, it wouldn't take much for the mere to return. Recent prolonged rain in the area didn't result in catastrophic floods as it did further north, but land that was once permanently under water before the drains were dug is looking rather wet at the moment. One drain system being higher than I've seen it. On one side of the road the drain was almost brimful while the ditch on the other side was at a normal level. Something odd is going on.

This drain was so high that downstream it had over-topped the bank and the field, marshy at the best of times, was now a small lake giving an indication of what would occur were the pumps to be switched off for good. Not being aware of the situation before setting out I wasn't prepared to take 'landscape' photographs, so  did my usual hand-held thing. The weather is set to turn wet again, so maybe I'll be able to have another try with more suitable gear?

These are some of my attempts to suggest a landscape threatened by water. The flippy screen was useful for keeping me from having to kneel down and get soaking knees!

Wet places certainly attract me, but I still can't get a real handle on how to photograph them. As good an excuse as there is to keep trying, I suppose! I'm sure that if I could devote a few weeks to doing nothing but photograph such places it would come together much more rapidly. But that's not likely to happen.

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