Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Then again...

Warm, dry weather often sees me thinking of fish rather than photographs. So 'serious' photography has been taking a back seat. However, there can be lots of idle time when trying to catch fish and I sort of have it in mind to make some serious fishing photographs some day. After sunset the other day I played around using the self timer and an LED light to try to capture some of the atmosphere of night fishing. The concept was OK, but balancing the natural light from the moon and sky with that from the LEDs was beyond me. Partly because there is only one setting for the LED, mostly because it involves a lot of faffing about and I was there primarily to fish. It's not really possible to do photography well when it doesn't command your full attention.

One thing that I do seem to be better at when I'm fishing, and probably not thinking too hard about it, is make landscape photographs. True enough I usually do so having the benefit of sunrises, sunsets and 'interesting' weather effects simply because I'm outdoors for a long time. And maybe the fact I'm not looking for landscape pictures makes me work more intuitively.

Where these photos always fall down is technically. I never have a tripod with me, so they are always taken hand-held. More often than not they are taken using a compact camera too.  They're still good exercises in looking and framing though. They are fine for the small screen, no matter what. One day I might collect the best of these fishingscapes together and make a Blurb book out of them. They should work well enough at that sort of size.

I did get out with my camera over the weekend when the sun was shining. Firstly to the village's scarecrow festival. Which proved to be a failure in terms of photography. Latter setting out with anything specific in mind which resulted in something. I've been trying to use the trees in the wood as a frame for a picture for my church project for ages. Finally I think I might have got it.

As this is the season when crops are starting to become noticeable in the fields I've been thinking of ways to picture this. I've been struck by how a field appears is dependent on where it is viewed from. What looks like a green lawn can change to a series of fine green lines when you see it from another angle. On the spur of the moment I took a series of shots from one spot and made them into a vertical strip. Again, not technically adept, but it's the idea that is the important aspect. A starting point for further photographs or a full stop? I'm not sure.

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