Sunday, 24 November 2013

Film is dead

I know I've said this before but... This is the last roll of black and white film I'll ever use!

A number of things struck me while scanning and processing these pics. The 'look' that grain gives film shots immediately makes the pictures look old. Wishing to retain this look is, to my mind, an affectation. It does nothing to get the message of the images across.

I'm also pretty sure that part of the film look that people find appealing is down to the 'sensor' size, and the depth of focus that gives in combination with the standard lens. Take away the grain and this shot could just as easily have been shot with a full frame DSLR.

Because I left the film in the camera for months before finishing it off I have no idea where I came across this tumble drier!

Being limited to blacks and whites means that when you find something that needs colour you're stuffed.

Next time I get tempted by Ilford's wares I shall resist. Honest...

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