Friday, 30 January 2015

"Perfection is characterlessness"

Gratuitous photograph owing to lack of  photographic activity this week...
I've found Brian Eno interesting to listen to since 1974. Although he's known for his involvement in making music he's been an influence on visual artists too. His comments about inspiration and being creative in the video below are what most people don't want to hear; that they both come from just doing stuff and noticing when something interesting has happened and acting upon it. Teachers don't like this because it takes away they're instructional purpose, would be artists don't like it because it means they have to bugger about doing stuff that mostly gets discarded.

That is precisely what photography is - the more pictures you make the more good pictures you make. Not because you get better at making pictures but because there are more pictures. Martin Parr says pretty much that somewhere in the video below. Out of 600 pictures there might be 20 good ones that are more than documentary pictures. Which suggests to me that 1 in 30 is a good hit rate when you consider the 600 has already been filtered down from many more!

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