Saturday, 4 June 2016

Last minute chickens

The fishing fever has still been upon me of late while the heatwave has continued, so that's mostly what I've been using my cameras to photograph. Nothing really serious has even been considered until I remembered a poultry auction right at the last minute.

All the fishing induced sleep deprivation meant I was a bit tired and unenthusiastic, and so not expecting to make many decent pictures. I must have been dopey because I got lost despite knowing the way to the auction mart! This time of year isn't peak season for selling chickens. As a consequence there weren't too many lots nor many buyers and sellers.

Although I continued to take some of the same sorts of shots in the continual search for 'the' shot, I thought I'd try to find some details to concentrate on. Little things all add to the overall flavour when included in a project. They don't have to be printed large either to serve as punctuation points.

Something I kept on trying to capture was the studying of the auction catalogue. But despite trying many different approaches I couldn't find one that satisfied me. That's something I can add to the list of subjects to keep searching for 'the' shot.

One good thing with there being fewer people around was that it wasn't as hectic when it came time for them to collect their birds and struggle putting them in carrying boxes - of many descriptions. This gave me an opportunity to make a few shots of something with action and/or humour to it.

Talking of humour, mine can tend towards the childish variety. Which probably explains why I think I might have got the perfect back cover picture should this project ever become a book! Extended gallery here.

On the technical front my bad habits manifested themselves as usual. Using too slow a shutter speed being the most prevalent. My cheap old ultra-wide lens proved to be useful, and ultra-wide enough for me. Time to chop in some lenses and replace that one with the newer version, perhaps?  I must get my arse into gear on that score and rationalise my gear.

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