Thursday, 2 March 2017

Some progress, but not much.

The slightest hint of sunshine has dragged me out a couple of times this week even though I didn't expect to find much to photograph. The first trip to the beach was a late afternoon jaunt with hardly any cars parked up and a few dog walkers about. But I did spot someone metal detecting in the distance. I'd seen one of these scoop-shaped spades with holes in before and thought it looked home-made, but it turns out they are commercially available. The holes let water drain away, making it easier to lift when digging in wet sand. You live and learn.

Once more I attempted a portrait. Which I think is one of my better efforts.

The missed opportunities continued. While I was chatting with the detectorist two fat bike cyclists went past. One of these days I'll time it right to get a decent picture or two of them. Today I got out a little earlier, but still just too late to find out what had been going on with this strange looking kayak thing.

I hadn't realised the wind was as strong as it was. It's direction had brought out the kite surfers, who had all downed tools like me to take time out enjoying themselves. Apparently it was the first good wind since Christmas. Looking back it's three years since I took any serious kite surfing photographs. I didn't get many action shots today as I had only taken a mid-range zoom. I've been holding off from using long focal lengths as it distances you from the subject. Literally and emotionally. Shorter focal lengths draw viewers into people pictures more.

It was so windy that the kites were being weighted down with sand while the kiters took a break.

Although this beach project is about the people and their activities there I like to take scenic shots to try and convey what it's like to be there with the changing light and tides. Today's tide was a high one.

Yet another portrait attempt. I think I'm working on the theory that i I try enough of these pictures a handful will be okay!

Just as an example of how windy it was, and how nuts the kite surfers are, I took some more ropey video footage!

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