Thursday, 23 February 2012


No sooner had I posted about how the web is a poor place to view photos than one of my daily blog checks threw up this post. I guess we all like reading stuff we broadly agree with, and I empathise with Kirk Tuck's viewpoint most of the time, even though he makes a living from photography and I don't. He seems to have a similar view to me as to what it's about deep down.

I also stumbled upon a sneak preview of Flickr's forthcoming new look. A look that seems like it will be removing all that old fashioned white space around the pictures.

Mr. Spiering moused over the current photo view. “This is very typical of Flickr,” he said. ”Lots of white space, small photos, lots of information around.”

He then opened a new tab to show the spread, completely revamped. Suddenly the photos look more than four times their current size and lie neatly justified on the page, somehow jigsawing together without cropping or changing the order in which they appear.

Ho hum. The dumbing down of style before content. C'est le web.

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