Friday, 24 February 2012

Web whinge (again) and a look at light

One of the biggest drawback to web display is the lack of detail available. This isn't quite the picture I was aiming for, but it makes a point. The idea is to have something small, but interesting, in a large expanse of 'nothing'. For this to work that something small has to be readable. At web size the detail isn't readable.

The crop below shows the detail better, but still not all that the full size file reveals. It also demonstrates just what you can 'get away with' when cropping for the web - something which quite a few people appear to do as a matter of course. While it might be a form of elitism there is something to be said for not cropping photos. It shows that you have an eye for a picture. If you habitually crop then it strikes me that you don't have an eye, or are bone idle!

The next two pictures are a simple example of how quickly the light can change on a windy day, and how it can change photographs.

It's subtle but noticeable. More noticeable when clicking back and forth between the two on the camera's screen. The annoying animation below demonstrates it clearly.

These two pictures have reminded me to think more about the light as part of composition. It is an aspect that I all too often neglect, concentrating on the arrangement of shapes and colours in the frame.

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