Saturday, 17 November 2012

Repetition and new seeing

With just an hour spare I headed to the sandplant again. For some reason I had limited myself to just a 35mm lens and the X10 in case I wanted to do some close-ups. One of these days I must get there at a different time of day. Always turning up late on leads to similar lighting options. Although I have started using flash, both as fill and primary light source both to change the look of the pictures and to make working in shade possible.

I began by repeating the low angle view to make shapes stand out against the sky. I did find new subjects though. As is almost always the case things have been moved around. Quite who moves them I don't know, but fly-tippers have been adding to the junk.

After a while I chanced on another way of making pictures of the plants and rubble. It needs more care to get the most out of it. Controlling the depth of field is the key.

I also relaised the possibilities of photographing the place in the manner of popular landscape photography. The sort that adorns many a calendar. The shot below reminds me of many a boggy moorland pool in a rugged landscape.

Not my best set so far, but some ideas to work on in future.

See gallery larger.

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