Sunday, 15 December 2013

Beets and beasts

Although I had intended to go look for the scenes I had in mind to use the X10 to photograph something sent me off in a different direction. The light was pretty dull and the wind chill made me wish I'd put gloves on.A few weeks ago, just as the light was fading, I saw a beet clamp being covered over with straw. It was too dark to get any shots at the time, but the clamp looked interesting.

Today I passed by it and spent some time trying to make pictures. Some worked better than others and I think the sixth frame in the slideshow below is the most successful at showing the structure of the clamp and making an abstract composition. The others are reasonable enough in documentary terms.

The vaguely orange and green theme carried over to some cud-chewing cattle

I continued on my way making more pictures as I covered what Google maps revealed to be a five and a half mile walk.

One problem with small cameras is small batteries. Before I had completed the walk the one battery I had with me was flat. Usually I carry a couple of spares, but this time I forgot them.

There's something going on in the picture of the flag that I like but can't pin down. It's a simple shot, with subtle tones and limited colour palette.

While it's great to have a camera which fits in a jacket pocket I still struggle to get on with using the rear screen for composing pictures. It's all a bit too wobbly and somehow imprecise for me. I much prefer bracing the camera against my face with my left eye to the viewfinder.

Bigger here.

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