Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Unforeseen consequences

I've taken two photographs this week on my ramblings while shopping which have both elements I hadn't noticed at the time, but which I think add to the pictures.

The first is a 'street' photograph in the Flickr style. Just some casual snap of someone at a market.. The subject was the man looking at the stereoscope. I hadn't noticed the woman in the background inspecting some object I can't identify. But two people appraising two objects in the same picture makes it work a little better. Then there's the rubber mallet in the man's left hand, which also went unseen at the time. What would he want with a mallet and a stereoscope? That the man's gaze leads your eye to the woman, and her gaze sort of leads you to the mallet is pure coincidence. But that's one of the fascinations of photography.

The second picture is different in style and was taken with my parking project in mind. Although I've still not found the key to make that project work. I wanted the penalty charge notice and the ticket in the shot. I didn't notice the reflection of the parking sign until I was processing the frame. It needed a bit of work to make it more obvious but now it brings together three elements of the on-street parking 'experience' in one frame.

I need to sit down with the pictures I've made about it so far and think about why parking interests me as a subject, then see if there's a way to express that visually without being too literal. Trouble is doing that is likely to make my head hurt.

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