Thursday, 12 October 2017

A grand day out

Wallace and Gromit have a lot to answer for when it comes to cheese. I heard that Wensleydale was in the doldrums until that pair started singing its praises. I think it's treacherous on the part of Prestonian Nick Park to promote such a Yorkshire cheese. The inferior dairy product even has its own visitor centre.

There are 'professional Yorkhiremen' and the whole county takes it's (supposed) reputation too seriously if you ask me. Still, it's better than going darn sarf. At least you can get a decent mug of tea over t'border.

The reason for my afternoon out was to pay a visit to the (expensive) Dales Countryside Museum to see an exhibition of photos of sheep farming folk. It being the culmination of a year long project documenting sheep people in the Dales. The problem with the internet and exhibitions can be that you have seen nearly all the pictures on-line before you get to the show. And this was the case today.

While I am among those who think that photographs should be printed I'm not usually in the camp that sets a high store on 'fine prints'. In this instance I was a little surprised to see the prints from film looked much like the images do on a screen, but the colour pictures (which I am assuming were made digitally) looked worse as prints.  Perhaps this was the result of different printing methods. The two formats were certainly presented differently. With more gravitas given to the pictures made on film.

There is more to the exhibition than the photographs. There are texts to accompany them and audio of interviews with the farmers, plus artwork of variable quality and some other stuff from earlier documentary work on the dales.  Overall, worth a visit if you're in the area.

After leaving the museum I went for a wander round the town and out. As is always the case when I go anywhere 'scenic' the skies are grey. When there's a waterfall in town you have to slow the shutter down...

And you can't visit the dales without taking at least one photograph of stone walls and buildings

Not to mention an 'iconic' barn. Hmm. Road markings and litter. I must have started to get bored of the scenery.

After the ventures into postcardland I regained my senses and found some more interesting things to photograph.

I can't resist a bin on wheels.

 Or a pile of furniture. Undoubtedly my favourite landscape picture of the day.

None of which has got me any further forward with finding a new direction. Hey ho.

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