Sunday, 19 January 2020

Faffing about - again

Gradually the daylight hours are increasing. As this is most noticeable at the end of the day it means a greater chance to snatch a bit of time in the afternoon. A bit of sunshine also helps. And that was what came together on Friday. My intention was to go to the beach again, but when I got there it was deserted. Not surprising considering the strong, cold wind that was blowing.

Plan B was to wander into the dunes to see if I could spot the Red Poll cattle doing the winter conservation grazing. They were not in sight as I passed through the gate but I hadn't gone far when one came towards me through a dip in the path. More followed. They were on a mission to visit the water trough and mineral lick bucket. I let them go on their way and carried on. More of the herd were in sight, munching merrily away. I tried to get some scene setting pictrues but they didn't amount to much so I headed to the pen by the gate where the trough is.

Having gone armed with the do-it-all lens I was able to get some close ups as well as wider shots. While it isn't a lens to impress the shallow depth of field fiends or the critical sharpness at 100% nerds it does a good enough job for me. The low sun made for a warnmth to the light but I'm not sure if a slightly cooler white balance might be more accurate.

With the sun sinking lower I went back for another look at the cattle still grazing to see if I could get some atmospheric backlit shots. The animals wouldn't wander anywhere nice and always seemed to manage to hide behind at least one stem of grass.

After an hour of cow pestering the light was falling below the dunes and I headed home. The forecast was for more sunshine on Saturday and I had ideas. Ideas which came to nothing as it there had been a frost on high ground and the wind chill was unbearable. While I did venture out of the car the best sheep pictures I got were taken through an open window!

Another frosty morning didn't encourage me to venture out early today. It was only when a mist descended that I thought it might be worth taking the tripod to the wood. On the way there I crossed the playing field and remembered pictures taken there in similar conditions long, long ago. Maybe that's why I converted one to black and white?

The wood wasn't misty enough, and the mist soon began to lift. It really wasn't worth the effort. I must try harder to stick to my resolution of not trying to 'do landscape' photography.

Or if I do do landscape photography do it my way. Frozen puddles and maize stalks. That's more like it.

Back home in next to no time I dropped my tripod on the concrete outside my back door and smashed the locking levers off the geared head. Bloody tripods. I hates 'em! After lunch I was in two minds about going out again to the marsh. When I did eventually make my mind up I forgot the camera. What made me return and pick it up then set off again I dunno. A combination of boredom and sunshine I think.

This was a half-hearted attempt to add to the sheep files. It's always hit and miss. Nothing of great significance was achieved but maybe something that will come in useful.

By the end of the month there may be less of a temptation to pop out on these pointless afternoon jaunts for the last hour of daylight as there'll be more time to spend fishing after lunch. If I don't get myself into a juicy project soon the camera gear will have to be drastically thinned out. taking pointless pictures is like catching small fish all the time when you are after big ones. Dispiriting and a bit boring.

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