Saturday, 24 April 2021

Plodding along the same track

There's a lot more to see on the moss at the moment with ground being worked and crops planted. The sun has been shining and I've been out as often as possible taking mostly the same old pictures. Sometimes trying to improve on ones which I haven't quite got a 'best' version of. Always showing up how a directionless 'project' will always end up without a conclusion unless circumstances enforce one.

The glint of light on the Mylar strip lifted this a little above my previous pictures of the subject, as did being able to get closer and include some crop in teh frame

The blue fleece holding pegs were something new.

A trailer of dressed seed was another subject I hadn't photographed before.

But fleece held down by bags wasn't. It still makes me want to photograph it though. I suppose there's an outside chance I'll get 'the' picture one day.

Engine power and muscle power.

A sunny evening meant even I couldn't resist some sunset pictures. I tried to put some story into them rather than just being empty landscapes.

In an effort to make me look afresh I took out a wide angle lens. It came in useful when I couldn't go any further back without falling in a ditch to photograph yet another trailer laden with trays of seedling salad crops. I always try to avoid pointing the camera too far up or down when using a wide angle lens so as to keep the distortion effect to a minimum. At 20mm this is not too difficult to achieve, and is why I prefer not to go wider unless space makes it essential.
Summer is on its way. The cricket pitches are now in fine fettle. There's a project there, I'm sure, but it'll probably never get started beyond my random snaps as I cross the playing field to get to the moss. 

At long last I've got a picture of the egg sales with a chicken in the frame!

On the evening wander I'd spotted a tree trunk which had been dragged out of the earth and resolved to return and photograph it in close up at a later date. That turned out to be the following afternoon. It was one of those theoretically good ideas which, in my hands, turned out to be a waste of time.


 I was much happier with the photograph I took of two road cones!

In another attempt to shake things up, visually, I went to the other extreme and took my long zoom out. This isn't all that different to my usual mid-range zoom if I'm honest. Not outdoors with plenty of space at any rate. If there's room to step back there's not all that much difference between 35mm and 70mm. The extra between 150mm and 200mm at the other end isn't all that different either. Certainly not now I'm more willing to crop a little.

But when forced back against a hedge the shorter focal length would have given me more framing options. But maybe it was good to be restricted?

In my head I wanted more focal length to close in on the stacks of trays. I also thought I wanted more in focus but the stopped down version of the picture below lacked the sense of space the out of focus areas provided.

I've taken lots of photographs, quite a few I'm content with, but don't feel like they, or the project, are going anywhere. Which is a bit dispiriting. Probably going to have to be another case of  'working through' the stagnation.

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