Sunday, 26 February 2012

Pigeon fun

If the photo above left wasn't a crop I'd be very pleased with it, but there is a good third of the frame missing. It's a shame the pigeon in the  bottom right picture is out of focus as it's very close to the sort of picture I'm trying to make. It's also one that shows how people think I'm daft!

The compact certainly makes getting low, and close, to the pigeons without scaring them a lot more successful than using a noisy SLR - a part from using a longer lens, which is where it all started back here.

These pigeon photos are now trying to be as much about people as about pigeons. A wider view placing the birds in the context of their man-made, and human populated, environment.

As usual, if you click on the first image you can scroll through the set to see them larger.

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